Agility is the ability to ANTICIPATE and INNOVATE in a COOPERATIVE way, to meet the needs in a changing environment. The goal of agility in organizations is to teach managers and their teams to behave in an agile way to meet the demands of their dynamic environment.

Agility is the ability of Leaders, Teams and Individuals, to better:

  • Understand the context and anticipate change
  • Mobilize resources through communication and cooperation
  • Act together, in a coordinated way
  • Create the conditions for sustainable performance

How it Works

This experiential workshop for teams and individuals provides:

  1. The ability to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a team.
  2. An evaluation of each member’s individual agility capabilities:
  • Anticipate (intuitive and proactive anticipation)
  • Cooperate (systemic empathy and synchronization)
  • Innovate (constructive rebellion and relational pedagogy)
  1. A common action plan to reach the right level of agility and its implementation.
  2. One-on-one in-depth debrief of the personalized Agility assessment report (optional).
  3. Agility individual & team coaching sessions follow the workshop (options).