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We are passionate about breaking the boundaries.

The Pathway Project is an executive coaching and leadership development practice empowering executives and professionals to lead effectively, grow businesses, achieve ambitious results and leverage limitless potential. That is what we do.

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Our Services

As coaches, we enjoy the creative process as much as we enjoy seeing the transformational results. Learn more about our customized executive coaching and leadership development services in Dubai. UAE.

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Powerful programs tailored to bring about life-changin transformation through leadership identity, careers transtion, career identity and executive coaching.

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Experiences created to elevate oranizational performance and productivity throuh cultural intelligence (CQ) development coaching, team coaching, executive coaching, high potentials and in-boarding programs.

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Dynamic engaging workshops for individuals and teams ranging from coaching skills for managers, team agility and cultural intelligence development and choosing the right career path.

Our STIR Approach



Encourage you to accept challenges and overcome difficulties in pursuit of real lasting change.



Creative coaching techniques to get you thinking outside the box and asking yourself the key questions.

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Expand your vision by asking thought-provoking questions and shedding light and understanding on how to reach your goals by challenging self-limiting beliefs.


Results Driven

Map a strategy. Aspire to new heights. Commit to design a results-oriented action plan.


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"Salma’s coaching sessions allowed me think about the situation in a more practical and pragmatic way. Her structured and creative approach helped me identify what is important to me in terms of a career…"

− Youssef Fraiwat, General Manager, Honeywell, Doha, Qatar

"Salma raised questions that I never asked myself, pushed my limits by constantly challenging me, and sprung motivations that I never thought existed in me. Through her methods I was able to find a whole new side of me that I had completely ignored, a side of that I’m in love with…"

− Hazem Ghorab, Executive Producer, Dubai, UAE


What is coaching anyway?

Coaching is a dynamic partner-based process that assists individuals and organizations in making a commitment to action and development of lasting personal and professional growth. It helps you or your organization create effective personal and professional decision-making patterns by gaining a coherent understanding of yourself and your environment. It facilitates exploration of thought processes, passions, motivations, needs, and skills.

Why coaching? Let the numbers talk…

The benefits of coaching have been observed countless times. The numbers below, as reported by the International Coaching Federation demonstrates the effective outcomes of coaching:

    • 86% companies made their return on investment
    • 72% improved communication skills
    • 70% improvement in work performance
    • 61% improved business management
    • 57% improved time management
  • 51% improved team effectiveness

How does it work?

Working with a certified coach provides significant benefits for individuals and organizations. Through various proven questioning techniques meant to provoke you, push your buttons and break boundaries, a coach will help you clarify your own thoughts. A coach will help you identify concrete solutions, goals and action plans, elevating your performance while honing your problem solving skills. A coach will hold you accountable and provide you with tools and perspective through a structured process.

What coaching is NOT

Coaching is not consulting. A coach does not provide answers, but instead facilitates your organic growth. Coaching does not tell you what to do; it helps you “test the waters” by challenging you as you choose a path, enabling you to formulate ideas and solutions that are right for you.

Coaching is not therapy/counseling – it does not focus on your past experiences or issues. A coach assumes you are ready and willing to develop a holistic and creative plan based on your present as well as future goals and aspirations.

Coaching is not mentoring. A mentoring relationship typically involves a Mentor, senior and experienced, and a Mentee. The Mentor’s role is to guide, share experience and advice with the Mentee. Ideally, both individuals should be working in similar fields. Coaching, on the other hand, is not necessarily based on a senior-junior relationship of advice, rather a coach uses questions and tools to facilitate your thinking and learning.

What’s at the finish line?

A successful coaching experience will set you into “action mode”, deepening your learning process and forwarding your action. It helps you gain an empowered perspective focused on the present, but with an eye to the future. You will leave coaching with a better grasp of yourself and what matters to you most—your unique characteristics, passions and goals—as well as the skills needed to make those aspirations a reality. You will have trained yourself to easily tackle future challenges and make decisions with clarity and confidence.

In short, the power is in you! Through a coach, you will have the framework you need to unleash it.

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