The Pathway Project (TPP) is a coaching practice based in Dubai, UAE that focuses on providing career and executive leadership coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and government entities. TPP was born to serve the fast-growing region of the Middle East based on our confidence in the tremendous number of emerging talents and success-seekers, and our commitment to helping them realize their truest potential.

Our executive coaching practice draws on a combined 30 years of extensive experience as HR professionals and coaches who excel in navigating the dynamic global UAE market. Our à la carte career and leadership development services are client-focused, and our programs are designed to propel growth and excellence by helping individuals gain a thorough understanding of themselves and their environment.

Through proven assessment tools and questioning techniques, our customized programs test boundaries and get you to think outside the box. Our executive coaching services assist you in carving out a path to achieving the performance and results needed to succeed in a competitive market.

We partner with leading Canadian career and leadership coaching company, CareerJoy, to offer high-end quality programs that are second to none. CareerJoy has 10 years of experience in the coaching industry with 9 locations across Canada.

"After five years of working in the same company, I needed a career change due to poor work/life balance and a lack of new challenges. I was not sure, however, which path to take and something seemed to always be holding me back. Salma’s coaching sessions allowed me think about the situation in a more practical and pragmatic way. Her structured and creative approach helped me identify what is important to me in terms of a career…"

− Youssef Fraiwat, General Manager, Honeywell, Doha, Qatar

"I’ve changed my job and have chosen a profession that aligns with my strengths.
Salma’s coaching approach is excellent and powerful. It gave me the will and techniques to focus and work on the progress of my career!"

− Amir Melad, Project Manager, Dubai, UAE

"My experience with you has heightened my sense of awareness, allowed me to think for myself and communicate more clearly, taught me the importance of valuing oneself and opened my eyes to paths to be explored inside me with much excitement and happiness."

− Anonymous Coachee, Entrepreneur, Amman, Jordan

Meet the Founder

Salma El-Shurafa

Salma El-Shurafa

Founder / Certified Executive Coach