Journey of Collaboration

Our Client Family and the Impact We've Made Together.

We’re honoured to be part of the success stories of so many changemakers and leading brands across the Middle East. Reviews like these are the reason we do what we do.

We’re immensely grateful for the exceptional group coaching provided by The Pathway Project team to our High Potential group. Their expertise was evident in every aspect of the program, creating a safe environment where participants felt comfortable exploring their potential. The team’s commitment to collaboration ensured a tailored program. As a result of The Pathway Project team’s efforts, the High Potential group had a transformative experience, leaving participants feeling more confident and prepared for new challenges. I am confident that The Pathway Project would be a valuable asset to any organization seeking top-tier coaching and leadership development programs.
I had the privilege of taking a leadership program. What I have learnt will be within forever. The facilitator’s passion and determination is contagious, easily filling the room with positive energy, encouraging people to share in a safe space, open up without judgement and also gets into grey zones enabling one to deep dive and discover further. The program challenged me, I was instigated and asked the right questions, embarking on a journey of self-discovery with all the support required. I have learnt so much and I am eternal grateful for crossing paths, making me a better person than yesterday, for a brighter tomorrow!
I have been collaborating with The Pathway Project since 2021. We have co-created an incredibly powerful and well-received program. Salma and her team are able to leverage their years-long, rich education in coaching and leadership development and can create something that is personal, meaningful, and guaranteed to make a difference even in the most skeptical hearts and minds. They have designed a 4-day in-depth program, that many of our senior leaders called the program the “best workshop they ever attended”, “life changing” and “different”. In a practical sense, I always found their approach responsive, transparent, creative, and high-quality. Salma’s team is highly skilled and unique, we couldn’t have found a better partner for the program we wanted to create.
I have been engaged with the Pathway Project for two years now. Their flexibility and insightful proposals ensured our sessions were co-created and tailored precisely to our needs. The breadth of knowledge and experience working with various corporates and leaders adds to the excellence of consultation and advice you receive from her when reflecting on your own organization. Overall, the team brings incredible energy to any dynamic and is gifted in how she connects with people, sensing the essence of what is going on. They are truly a dream to work with and be part of facilitated sessions, which are powerful, joyful, and transformational. It was a catalyst for creating a deeper level of bonding, understanding, and compassion within my team. I observed a shift in my team following our time with The Pathway Project, which some of them still refer to years later. They are ready to explore all avenues to support individual and collective growth, which you will see in the work she carries out. I look forward to a continued partnership in the years to come. Without a doubt, I recommend Salma and The Pathway Project.
My coach (and teacher) turned the lights on, on areas in my life where I felt stuck through asking me powerful questions (really powerful aha-generating questions). They then took my hand into a safe space and equipped me with great techniques and tools to explore these areas and figure out what I needed to do to get unstuck. I started to experience the shift in my energy. The POWER and ALIVENESS that have always been inside of me (but covered over by my fears, self-doubts and confusion) started to get unleashed. The stuckness started to dissolve and I became clear on what I needed to do to shift what was my situation at that time and move forward.
The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was a very raw and open session which wasn’t easy but in the end the results were achieved. The best thing about the workshop is the safe environment it created and the true honesty. I also loved the way we were challenged.



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