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We Can No Longer Do Without Cultural Intelligence!

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We don’t need to look too far to get a glimpse of diversity. As we sit in a coffee shop in one of Dubai’s busiest malls, we look around and realize that we are drinking Colombian coffee brewed in a famous Italian coffee shop chain, served by an Indian lady and surrounded by brand name stores from London, Portugal, Italy, Spain and the US. Moreover, as we observe the people passing by we can recognize distinct languages: French, Dutch, Arabic, and Japanese. We can’t help but think how extraordinary it is that the fabric of what makes this country’s economy is so varied. And it’s probably true for most people around the world.
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Cultural Intelligence

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With more and more businesses becoming global, you need to be ready to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. If you’re not prepared to do this, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. Collaborating and building relationships with your peers will be challenging too.

Improving your cultural intelligence or CQ is one of the best ways you can stay competitive and be sure you build relationships and not destroy them inside and outside your workplace.

The Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Difference

Narrator: Dr. David Livermore
Cultural Intelligence Center

You know everything’s global.

There’s almost 7 billion of us speaking over 6,000 languages.

How ill we cross cultures?

Cultural Intelligence or CQ is your level of effectiveness of working across cultures. In fact, cultural intelligence is proven to predict your success or failure in today’s global marketplace.

But who’s successful might surprise you.

It’s not the jetsetters…

Or the top executives.

It’s not the highest IQ…

Or the multilingual.

It can be you.

Our research over the last 10 year across more than 30 countries reveals four capabilities that consistently emerge among  those who can be described as culturally intelligent.

First of all, they have high CQ drive – that is, they have an interest and motivation in cross-cultural issues.

Second, they have high CQ knowledge –that is, they have a good grasp of cultural similarities and differences.

Third, they have high CQ strategy – that is, they have an ability to be aware and plan in life across cultural issues.

Fourth, they have high CQ action – they can appropriately adapt their behavior for various cross-cultural scenarios.

So, what’s the cultural intelligence difference?

“It’s about succeeding through respect.”

Seth Godin

“Make a difference in the world.”

Ken Blanchard






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