We Can No Longer Do Without Cultural Intelligence!

We don’t need to look too far to get a glimpse of diversity. As we sit in a coffee shop in one of Dubai’s busiest malls, we look around and realize that we are drinking Colombian coffee brewed in a famous Italian coffee shop chain, served by an Indian lady and surrounded by brand name stores from London, Portugal, Italy, Spain and the US.

Cultural Intelligence

With more and more businesses becoming global, you need to be ready to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. If you’re not prepared to do this, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. Collaborating and building relationships with your peers will be challenging too.


As coaches we have the daily privilege of not only meeting people from a huge array of backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and even walks of life, we also have a unique opportunity of really understanding what makes human beings tick. And, here’s the thing… it never ceases to amaze us, that ironically, although we are so different in so many ways, when it comes to what matters, what truly breaks us or makes us, we are all actually very, very similar.

The Power of Visualizing Success

Inspiration of the day: The first step to making it happen and turning a dream into reality is that you must be able to visualize it to drive your mind to get you there.

How to Become a Better Leader – The 4 Commandments

If you were to Google the sentence “How to become a better leader,” you will find approximately 29,500,000 results. Obviously, there are countless articles and blogs written about leadership, as well as experts sharing advice on becoming a better leader. It seems to us that the subject has been so dissected, that writing yet another article about it might sound repetitive or plain boring.

How to Plan Your Career in 10 Practical Steps

Have you taken the time to reflect on where you are in your career? Have you progressed? Are you stuck? Are you happy? What do you want out of your career and life? Is your career meeting or not meeting your personal or professional goals?

Tips for Entrepreneurs to be

Has the idea of being your own boss and calling your own shots ever been a dream? What about having the freedom, the independence, the greater sense of satisfaction, and finally, doing something you really want to do? We bet it has! And doesn’t it sound appealing?

Career Coaching Q & A!

We are super excited and honoured to be featured in the April issue of Marie Claire. Here is our interview with them about career coaching translated in English. 

Out with the old, in with the new – Is performance management process obsolete?

In any company, ensuring that goals are captured, measured and periodically evaluated is a critical exercise to manage performance and outcomes. Most companies have some sort of Performance Management system, be it online or in paper form. However, most Managers describe it as painful and time consuming, whilst employees feel like the process is contrived and often have the impression that it is ‘just a tick-in-the-box’ exercise for their Manager.