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Career Coaching Q & A!

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We are super excited and honoured to be featured in the April issue of Marie Claire. Here is our interview with them about career coaching translated in English. 

Q: What is career coaching?

A: Coaching is a proven, effective and interactive method that will help individual’s get from where they are to where they want to be. Through using specific questioning techniques and assessment tools, coaching helps in giving the individual a clearer perspective on both the present and the future, identify the gaps, and ultimately assist them in finding solutions to bridge them. Read More

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Out with the old, in with the new – Is performance management process obsolete?

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In any company, ensuring that goals are captured, measured and periodically evaluated is a critical exercise to manage performance and outcomes. Most companies have some sort of Performance Management system, be it online or in paper form. However, most Managers describe it as painful and time consuming, whilst employees feel like the process is contrived and often have the impression that it is ‘just a tick-in-the-box’ exercise for their Manager. Read More

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Coaching Mythbuster: is “the older the wiser” still of relevance?

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The first question we would like to debunk is what does the perfect coach look like? A man or woman with at least 20 years of experience under their belt with an impressive amount of degrees, an ex-CEO and preferably with “grey hair”. This sounds like the perfect description of a coach to have right? Well, it might tick some of your boxes, but when it comes to choosing a coach, what else truly matters? Read More


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