Career Identity Program

Unhappy about your current career, yet unsure about where to start? Trying to figure out what makes you tick? The Career Identity Program helps you identify the right career.

How We Do It

This program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your unique experiences, interests, priorities, skills and values to explore options and define a career path inspired by your passions. Based on an evaluation process we put together an appropriate Career Identity Program that will include a selection of these tools and techniques:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions via Skype, phone or in person.
  • Biographical Career Report®: a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and weaknesses using the latest assessment tools and methodologies.
  • Ability Assessment Tool®: a three-hour online assessment that benchmarks your skills.
  • Career Options Report®: a report that identifies the full spectrum of your career options and highlights those with the greatest personal potential.
  • Career Planning Tool®: a personalized map for your career transition.
  • Effectively use the tools and reports listed above in order to implement a plan for advancing on the career path you always wanted.