Our Services

Our experiential workshops engage participants (individuals or teams) fully in a learning process that includes large group discussions, activities and exercises by developing an action plan based to suit their specific development needs. Please check back often for New Workshops and Updates. Contact us to identify the professional development workshop according to your and your organization’s requirements.

Coaching Skills

Coaching skills are now becoming essential for all leaders. By applying these skills, they will be able to improve communication, collaboration, overall productivity and morale.

Team Development

What is cultural intelligence (QT) training? CQ is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, neglecting CQ within an organization can potentially lead to ineffective management, language and communication barriers, conflicts, demotivation and loss in market share, which is why cultural intelligence training program is an important element. Making cultural awareness and the ability to adapt to different cultures is a true business necessity!

Career Identity

Unhappy with your current career, yet unsure about how to change it? Trying to figure out what makes you tick? The Career Identity Workshop helps you identify the right career at any stage in your career.

Team Stretch

Agility is the ability to ANTICIPATE and INNOVATE in a COOPERATIVE way, to meet the needs in a changing environment. The goal of agility in organizations is to teach managers and their teams to behave in an agile way to meet the demands of their dynamic environment.