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Salma El-Shurafa
  • “When we co-led our self-leadership workshop in Singapore, Salma’s enthusiasm and ability to hold the space with confidence, professionalism, presence and elegance generated an immediate buy-in from the participants, allowing her to them as she facilitated. It is a pleasure to co-create and co-lead with someone you can trust to challenge you and the group for the sake of the project you are committed to. ”

    Laurent Vuibert, Executive Coach, Inside Out, Singapore
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  • “Salma is a wonderful coach. She instantly inspired me to push and better myself by making clear conclusions about rectifying and developing several aspects of my life. She easily and confidently guided me to reach solutions and made sure I took action and stuck to my goals. She has changed the way I look at things today through her coaching techniques coupled with unconditional support. Thank you, Salma—you are an amazing and inspiring coach. I wish you nothing but the best.”

    May Abdelrazek, Dubai, UAE
  • “Salma has done a great job coaching me and helped develop a breakthrough in my perspective. She motivated me to find logical and convincing answers that I felt happy with in order to better achieve my career and life goals.”

    Basel Hosnya, Operations Manager, Dubai, UAE
  • “When I first made the decision to change certain attributes of my lifestyle, I was still a bit skeptic of how a coach could help out… wasn’t just a coach-client relationship; it was a conversation between two friends.
She stood by me through my deepest and darkest moments while letting me know that I would conquer those issues without difficulty. She always made me laugh and always kept me positive by the end of each session…
She raised questions that I never asked myself, pushed my limits by constantly challenging me, and sprung motivations that I never thought existed in me. Through her methods I was able to find a whole new side of me that I had completely ignored, a side of that I’m in love with… I owe my happiness to her and to myself, and I will be forever grateful for what she has done.”

    Hazem Ghorab, Executive Producer, Dubai, UAE
  • “My experience with you has heightened my sense of awareness, allowed me to think for myself and communicate more clearly, taught me the importance of valuing oneself and opened my eyes to paths to be explored inside me with much excitement and happiness. Most importantly, though, I’ve allowed myself the opportunity to be me, as truly and honestly as I can be. With that, the little voice inside me now aligns directly with my heart and my mind, creating balance. Thank you for being you, Salma.”

    Anonymous Coachee, Entrepreneur, Amman, Jordan
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  • “I was not happy with the way my career was progressing, so I decided to work together with Salma on defining my professional goals and ways to achieve them… I’ve changed my job and have chosen a profession that aligns with my strengths.
Salma’s coaching approach is excellent and powerful. It gave me the will and techniques to focus and work on the progress of my career! …Those tangible techniques are easy to apply and proved to have immediate effect—I can only recommend try it. I believe that every successful person needs a coach on his/her side to continuously pursue their goals and dreams.”

    Amir Melad, Project Manager, Dubai, UAE
  • “After five years of working in the same company, I needed a career change due to poor work/life balance and a lack of new challenges. I was not sure, however, which path to take and something seemed to always be holding me back. Salma’s coaching sessions allowed me think about the situation in a more practical and pragmatic way. Her structured and creative approach helped me identify what is important to me in terms of a career… Salma also spent adequate time after the coaching sessions to follow up on my activities. As a result, I am happy to say that, a few months, I accepted a job offer for an exciting new position that fulfills both my personal and professional goals.”

    Youssef Fraiwat, General Manager, Honeywell, Doha, Qatar
  • “The agility workshop was well informed and equipped us with valuable skills needed for today’s ever changing business environment!”

    Jimmy Poon, Managing Partner, Asia
  • “I thought I knew myself but with the agility team stretch workshop I got to know myself even more and uncovered my key strengths and weaknesses.”

    John Manansala, Assistant Accountant, Dubai, UAE
  • “I would have to say that it was a very positive experience for a 2 day fantastic workshop. The different activities made us think about achieving results as a team and creating a strong team unit through communication and teamwork.  The coaches were exceptional and showed willingness to ensure that each team member were involved and had a great time.”

    Arlene Trinidad, Executive Secretary, Dubai, UAE
  • “I had a wonderful time during our workshop and it gave us the opportunity to get to know our colleagues better. It broke the ice and enabled us to see not only what was needed to do to improve our work as a team but also how to assist our clients better.”

    Rina Cuison, Processing Officer, Dubai, UAE
  • “Salma is a compassionate coach who brings clarity and deep thinking to her clients. Salma partnered with my in my journey towards being a certified coach and also in my career directions. Through working with Salma, I have become clearer about my career goals. I have since become a certified coach and introduced internal coaching in my company! If you are looking for a coach with heart and ability to bring you fiercely towards your goals with you, Salma is my recommendation as your coach of choice!”

    Loo Kai Chong, CPCC, Section Manager from a major European Semiconductor MNC, Singapore
  • “Salma’s coaching served to keep me ‘on task’. She used the Agility (Agil’oa) assessment as a starting point during our coaching journey. She asked pointed questions and forced me to not only reflect on my own performance and ways of working, but also encouraged me to act. She reminded me to build on my strengths and foster empathy in my interactions with others.”

    Judd Rossuck, Regional Sales Director, International Flavors & Fragrances, Singapore
  • “The Agility workshop and coaching sessions with Salma helped to open my mind to certain areas that I did not think were so important for stronger performance – eg communication, being open to new innovative ideas and being proactively ready if issues creep up”.

    Amruta Shah, Sr. Fragrance Development Manager, International Flavors & Fragrance, Mumbai, India
  • “The Agility methodology enabled me to identify my strengths in my assessment profile and it also identified a way of improving fundamentals areas. The coaching sessions with Salma enabled me to choose the pillar I want to further improve and the one I wish to reinforce depending on my current and crucial needs.

    During the sessions, I believe Salma raised the right questions facilitating the analysis, where and how I could improve as a manager. Working on a more precise aspect of the agility pillars as cooperation, enables to speed up the improvement on that particular point and shows tangible benefits and results both for myself, the team and thus the organization.”

    Laurent Lemoine, Creative Center Manager, International Flavors & Fragrance, Mumbai, India
  • “Salma’s coaching style feels simple and profound at the same time. Her questions helped me learn something new about myself every session which gave me more clarity and direction both personally and professionally.”

    Hiba Kandalaft CPCC, Personal Coach, Thrive, Dubai, UAE
  • “I was in about to start a new role which was more cross regional and needed to understand how I could become more agile in my ways of working and also my thinking. Salma’s coaching style was very unique; she makes the person think on their own and come up with the solutions so they feel so much more involved and gain a sense of achievement. I learnt from her to think of different ways when confronted with a situation or even on every day topics to think out of the box, to be creative, to consult and thus become more agile. This is now something I’m practicing in my day to day work”.

    Sujata Bhowmik, Regional Marketing Director - Great Asia, IFF, Mumbai, India
  • “Salma was both my mentor and coach. She was a constant support and champion throughout my Coaching Certification. As a mentor, she was able to help me with the obstacles I faced with my own clients, and help me stay motivated. As a coach, Salma was able to help me increase my self-awareness and get a deeper understanding of what’s truly important to me. I feel more in touch with my values, and why each one is a main cornerstone to who I am. I now have a vision of the kind of impact I want to create in my life and in those around me, and I am able to set goals with that in mind.

    Working with Salma always felt safe. During the coaching I could ‘be with’ whatever was going on at that point in time, and however I felt was always welcome and accepted with zero judgment. It was also challenging because she was constantly holding up the mirror and helping me see who I am – and no matter how much you think you know yourself, there is always something unexpected about that!

    Whether you are looking for personal or professional development, I would definitely recommend working with Salma. She will be supportive and compassionate, yet brutally honest when required – all in service of YOU”.

    Farah Diab, Co-Active Coach & HR Officer, JLL, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop is one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my professional career.”

    Dr. Imran Malik, Medical Control & Edits Manager, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop is one of the best workshops I have attended in the last 10 years. Excellent feedback quality of Coaches who do not shy away from being straightforward.”

    Dr. Abdullah Mansury, CFO, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was very engaging, informative and fun. Well presented, excellent structure and great coaches. Overall a lot was achieved, A+. Thank you!”

    L.F., Account Manager, Dubai, UAE
  • “The open discussion with your input helped to connect the dots. The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop allowed us to bring clarity to the vision and path.”

    Youssef Chabti, Call Centre Manager, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop allowed me to speak free of constraints and consequences. Formidable, it could not have been any better.”

    Fahed Yazbek, Direct Client Relations Manager, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was a very raw and open session which wasn’t easy but in the end the results were achieved. The best thing about the workshop is the safe environment it created and the true honesty. I also loved the way we were challenged.”

    Lama Amin, Customer Service Manager, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “Thank you for The Pathway Project team, the Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop has been a great refresher. The best thing about this workshop is that there was room for candid and honest feedback.”

    Peggy Chamoun, Head of Marketing & Communication, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was fruitful. The best thing about the workshop was the learning and the feedback was very constructive”.

    J. S., Procession Manager, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop coaches and material were great. The best thing about the workshop is the coaches being in control and they were able to motivate the team to engage and participate.”

    H.G., Claims Assistant Manager, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was led by great Coaches who know the topic well. They were able to nicely steer the discussion to the real pain points.  Also, the best thing about this workshop is the fact that the team members talked together with transparency and putting together a team development plan.”

    Anonymous, Head of Health Operations Projects, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was wonderful and great environment was created by the coaches. The best thing about this workshop is the team engagement.”

    S.B., Relationship Manager - Brokers Channel, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch Workshop was useful, hands-on, practical and real. The benefits of attending this workshop was that the team got to know each other better and moved forward together and in one direction. As a team, we learned to give and receive feedback. We are now meeting as a team and openly discuss action plans that are helpful for the entire Organization.

    The Coaches were straight to the point, tackled the issues as such, and were extremely generous in changing the agenda and tailoring part of the program on the spot to allow real conversations between teams. They were very good at triggering us to open up and most importantly in ensuring a safe environment to express ourselves and this resulted into incredible understanding.  I can conclude out of this workshop that people are better now in appreciating others responsibilities and are more open to feedback.

    This workshop has been considerably cusotmized to our needs. It was great to have ‘Women’ as facilitators, as they bring a completely different flavor and changed the entire energy of what we know about workshops! Thank you for this great workshop.”

    Mida Ghazi, HR Director MEA, Nextcare, Dubai, UAE
  • “Both coaches are amazing and well knowledgable.”

    F.A., Claims Assistant Manager, Dubai, UAE
  • “The best thing about this workshop is the information on interpersonal communication and the methodology of agility. Very good moderation by the Pathway team.”

    J.D., Chief Operations Officer, Dubai, UAE
  • “I enjoyed the Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop. It made me realize the areas of improvement that I need to concentrate on.”

    Anonymous, Manama, Bahrain
  • “Agility = Positivity, “nothing is impossible”. I learned new information and knowledge that could drastically change me on a personal level. The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop created positive vibes.”

    K. A., Senior Associate - Investments, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was one of the best sessions I have attended ever, even better from the sessions we had in top universities of the world.”

    A. F. K., Senior Associate - Investments, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was very informative and interactive. The best thing about the workshop is the self-analysis and realization.”

    K. A., Associate - Investments, Manama, Bahrain
  • “I would highly recommend the Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop. The best thing about this workshop is the topic and how relevant it is to our work and even different life situations. The facilitators were knowledgable and did a great job.”

    R. H., Senior Manager Corporate Communication, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop allowed us to be casual with each other and it was always interesting and had a lot of food for thought. The activities were creative and engaging.”

    B. A., Associate - Investment, Manama, Bahrain
  • “Agility is a great topic and relevant to us. The workshop was interactive and fun. The coaches were great and have very deep knowledge in this area and know how to make us listen.”

    N. N., Principal - Investments, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop is very informative and helps refresh the way you think. The best thing about the workshop is the practical cases.”

    T.A., Senior Associate - Financial Planning, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The best thing about the Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop is that it created transparency, bonding and teamwork. It covered all aspects related to its purpose.”

    N.N., Account Manager, Dubai, UAE
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop helped me know my weak areas. The best thing about the workshop was the feedback, interactions, and the way the workshop was delivered –  not lecturing.”

    S.A., Senior Associate - Real Estate Asset Management, Bahrain, Manama
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop touched upon the points being taught and was well structured. The activities were a great experience. It made me realize that I should think outside the box and be open to others suggestions. Agility is a great and informative tool.”

    A.A. Senior Associate, Real Estate, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The best thing about the Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop is getting to know how I react under pressure and pointing the areas that need more attention on a personal level and on a group level.”

    D.E., Associate - Financial Investments, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was interesting, amazing and helpful. The best thing about it that we came out with an action plan for our team moving forward.”

    A.E., Executive Manager - Applications, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop helped me know myself better on an individual level and team level. The best thing about the workshop is viewing the work environment from an agility angle.”

    R.T., Executive Manager, Manama, Bahrain
  • “Agility Rocks. It was very interesting.”

    M.B., Senior Dealer, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Leadership Agility Team Stretch workshop was really great. Eye opener and gives/creates awareness about an agile environment.”

    M. S., Manama, Bahrain
  • “Through the Coaching Skills for Managers workshop I understand the art of coaching and how it can benefit the organization to maximize productivity.”

    Al Motasimm Bellah Ahmed, Senior Director Finance & General Affairs, Bahrain Institute of Public Administration, Manama, Bahrain
  • “The Coaching Skills for Manager is a great in-house workshop that has given an enlightening sight in each team member.”

    Nusaiba Al Madani, Human Resources Director, Bahrain Institute of Public Administration, Manama, Bahrain
  • “I heard a lot about coaching, but I didn’t know how useful it could be until I got the knowledge & tools from the Coaching Skills for Managers workshop. It was very interesting! Thank you very much!”

    Ayda Bin Rajab, Senior Director Project Planning Support, Bahrain Institute of Public Adminstration, Manama, Bahrain