What is cultural intelligence (QT) training? CQ is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, neglecting CQ within an organization can potentially lead to ineffective management, language and communication barriers, conflicts, demotivation and loss in market share, which is why cultural intelligence training program is an important element. Making cultural awareness and the ability to adapt to different cultures is a true business necessity!

The goal of this cultural intelligence workshop in organizations is to develop teams to be more culturally intelligent to meet the demands of a dynamic multicultural environment.

This workshop supports individuals in recognizing their CQ Capabilities to identify strengths and gaps and design a development action plan to maximize their skills in a culturally diverse environment. CQ supports individuals in developing:

Drive: Their interest, drive and confidence to adapt to multicultural situations.

Knowledge: Their understanding about how cultures are similar and different.

Strategy: Their awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions.

Action: Their ability to adapt when relating and working in an intercultural environment.

How we do it

During our 2-day experiential cultural intelligence training, participants will:

  1. Understand what is CQ and why does it matter.
  2. Know how to improve CQ.
  3. Identify how and when to apply CQ at work and in the real world.
  4. Engage in experiential exercises and Case studies.
  5. Receive a brief explanation of their personalized CQ Assessment feedback report.
  6. Design an action plan.
  7. One-on-one in-depth debrief of the personalized CQ assessment feedback report (optional).
  8. CQ one-on-one individual coaching sessions following the workshop (optional).